Friday, June 29, 2012

Strawberry banana oreo cheese slice

Got the recipe from here scrumptiousandsumptuous.
Halved the recipe to do this. make the oreo base, baked for 10 mins, arrange the slices of bananas, then pour over the cheese mixture, bake for another 3o mins or so. Arrange the sliced strawberries and drizzle some melted choc on it, and VOILA!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's end of week 10...

I am seriously neglecting blogging. my last post was a month-plus back!

I just finished my mid-sems about 3 weeks ago and in 4 weeks' time, i will be having my final exams and I used to think that only secondary school is so exam-orientated.

But my much-needed one-week midsem break was indeed GOOD! Cooked quite a bit, read way too much food blogs, stuck to the laptop screen watching KHUNTORIA in WGM and went for my first road trip(sort of) to Sunshine Coast!

Made this Lu wei "tau eu bak", very simple cooking but took around 2.5 hours of simmering to achieve the tender juicy fatty pork rashers! YUMS

The beaches along Sunshine Coast were simply awesome. the super fine powdery-like sand and clear water
As much as I think this We Got Married series is unrealistic, I have to admit that I'm obsessed with KHUNTORIA! All their episodes that I've watched so far are so so FUNNY & CUTE!  In short, these episodes portray a What-a-girl-wishes-her-boyfriend-will-be-to-her kind of scene!
That was my one-week break. Trying hard to get back to my mood of studying though i've been sleeping quite a lot...

 Have a good weekend, people!

Monday, August 22, 2011

into Week 4 of semester 2 2011

hello people! back with another post after a month!

Winter break back in Penang was great. In a month's time a few of my buddies gonna have a fresh start in UK unis.

This semester i am living with a French girl and 3 Americans. Yeah no luck with Asians. hahahah! Luckily the French girl clicks so well with me! we have the same wave length in communication and she hates people partying more than me!

I am trying to expose myself to more activities other than just studies. I missed the times in high school in which I was able to juggle so well with my studies and extra-curricular activities! Boy, really wondered how i did that. Cos' i totally the opposite in uni, that's BAD!

That's all for now. To Adrian Eu and Patsy, hope you two will adapt well to your new college and uni respectively =)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

back home for winter break

This holiday is coming to an end very soon! My main reasons for coming back has been fulfilled- meeting up with friends who are leaving for other continents of the world in september/august and spending time in my parents' shop. Of course there are the usual reasons- enjoying HOME and PENANG

my nephew kept asking me "when are you coming again to my house?" haihs, i'm just controlling myself not to cry...really?! there isn't a valid reason for me to cry right? i will still come back in December. It's just he is my favourite among all my nieces and nephews. Just gotta convince myself that there can never be holidays all year round.

 Everytime i come back home, i will have the thinking that maybe i should just come back to work after i graduate cos' malaysia is full of good food and i will have the comfort of home. But on another note, i feel i should at least work a few years in aussie(if i can find one) to get back the money, earn some reputable working experiences then only decide what's next.

Malaysia, Penang, to be exact,  is still very much my home.  I haven't develop much love for australia, i still can't really accept their drinking and party behaviour, hmmm, i have like less than 5 angmohs friends, hahha! speaking of that, i was told that one of my new neighbour is an angmoh, hope she's nice!(as in no party in kitchen with loud music) i always have international neighbours unlike my friend who got all singaporeans neighbours. should i look at it as a good or bad thing? hmm...

Semester results were up to my expectation, hope i can still maintain my self-discipline for the upcoming semester. Going back in 5 days time, ergh, back to cooking and handwashing, and STUDY!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rambling#2 about FML

Is your life that bad that you had to say FML? Think again before you say this about yourself

Before you say "FML", think of those at the age of 15 who has to work hard to support the family..shouldn't they be effin their lives more when all that most of us had to worry about most was PMR.

If you found out your bf cheated and broke up, don't just simply say FML. Is it worth it to describe your life with such a harsh word because of someone who doesn't appreciate you?

Before you say "FML", think of the little kids who are diagnosed with cancer, hospitalized most of their life, going through the torturous chemotherapy treatment and their parents who take care of them? Should they be saying FML all the time?
If you don't experience this, why F*** you life?

If you can't finish revising for your exams, "FML" is not the right phrase to describe your life, you just gotta change your attitude for the next semester, but sadly people seldom change this hard-to-die habit of last minute studying and you would see that "FML" phrase again on their FB wall for the next exam season.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rambling #1

I'm addicted to Masterchef. My dream of taking up professional baking/cooking class is back. Having wild thoughts of just dropping what I'm doing now and be an apprentice in a restaurant.

I love cooking. Wish I have more spices and sauces in my pantry so that i can have a varied style of cooking, but me being kiamsiap, I refrain myself from buying.

I can spend a whole lot of time reading food blogs, they are just amazing..Feel like starting my own food blog but I know I would need to maintain it constantly, which is something that i still need MUCH improvement. So for now, I shall just enjoy other's.

Home-cooked food are the best. I'm thankful I was forced to move out of college cos of the flood. If IH wasn't closed down, I think I would be stuck there this whole year. So, it's a blessing in disguise.

Final exams starting on June 11th(It's a Saturday =.=) ends on June 22nd, and will be back HOME on June 26th. Not having the exam-stress mood yet, is it good or bad? Lotsa reading and past year questions to do =S. I should feel stressed by now right?!

Dream High OSTs are still my fav for now. I listen to them like almost everyday. I feel like buying them on iTunes.

Ok bye...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Movie World, Gold Coast

This was my second time visiting Movie World. The first time was like 8 years ago when i visited Australia with my grandparents, jie and kuku.

we did not take this ride though, look(top righthand corner) at how the passengers' legs are hanging in the air!
but we took both of these. the Batman Spaceshot and Superman. The moment that vertical thing accelerates up, i was barely sitting on my seat, didn't expect myself to take this ride!
It was raining after lunch, so we didn't manage to get on some other rides. I would say twice would be enough already, there isn't much changes as compared to 8 years ago.